Masterplan Westport

Westport, Connecticut 2009
Concept Design Masterplan, Pool House, Tennis Shelter, and Guest House
Design: Cheryl Atkinson

This 4.5 acre property is a remnant of a former onion farm, its irregular lot boundary fringed by later suburban development. The original farmhouse was added to and renovated in the 1990s and reoriented to address a pre-existing English Landscape style garden and swimming pool. The master plan was initiated to plan for future additions to the program and to recast the existing terrain from a neutral lawn to become a productive and experiential landscape.

The master plan positions three new elements: a new dining pavilion and change facility at the existing pool, a shelter for watching tennis at the existing tennis court, and a future guest house / art gallery / studio for visiting family and a burgeoning art collection.

Main House

The existing attached garage of the main house is to be refurbished as a new glazed family room/ conservatory that harvests south light and addresses the future guest-house across a new sculpture park.


The steel frame and glass roof over the outdoor dining area protects from both rain and sun and is coated with a vine leaf pattern in ceramic frit to provide dappled light and shade. Oversize sliding doors allow the pavilion to open and close, extending its use into the spring and fall. An outdoor fireplace, BBQ, and change facilities are accommodated.


Lightweight aluminum honeycomb-core panels are mounted on a uni-ball hinge and operated by the solar cell cladding on the top surface. The 3 units independently track the sun to provide shelter and shade.


Answering the main house across the park, the graphic design studio is articulated as an independent pavilion on the roof, with its own separate stair access. The ground floor serves as a formal dining and entertaining area and art gallery. Upstairs bedrooms accommodate the visiting family and guests. The living room space is a two storey gallery that overlooks a reflecting pool.

Productive Landscape

A series of outdoor spaces are given definition by the strategic location of these new elements and their framing in the landscape by the overlaid geometry of the planting master plan. A new apple orchard, vegetable gardens, hedges, trees, and plantings provide both food and spatial articulation.